Expense Items

The expense worksheet covers many items, but the main ones are listed below. Some things are directly hired from specialized companies, but a lot of other things we have bought/rented.

We have hired from the Projeto Home Care company the following:
• a general practitioner for follow-up;
• a physiotherapist;
• a nurse to supervise the treatment;
• a nutritionist;
• part of the speech therapy treatment;
• part of the specific furniture: hospital bed, shower wheelchair, saline stand;
• ambulance removal service, when needed.

Professionals directly hired:
• a team of caregivers – two shifts a day, seven days a week;
• a neurologist for monitoring;
• a psychiatrist and a psychologist for monitoring;
• speech and physical therapy treatment supplement;
• occasional caregivers/extra nurses.

Furniture and equipment rented from the Locaset company:
• patient armchair;
• wheelchair;
• mayo stand.

Supplies for the patient:
• enteral diet – includes both the diet itself and the “equipment” for application via probe;
• medicines;
• bed linen and mattress linings;
• general supplies (hygienic underwear, gloves, gauze, napkins, cleaning wipes, etc).

Services structure in general:
• housekeeping;
• laundry;
• food for employees (caregivers);
• household and food maintenance supplies;
• household general expenses.

Other existing or scheduled costs:
• expenses remaining from the original hospitalization at the Oswaldo Cruz Hospital not covered by the healthcare plan;
• costs of the adaptation works on the apartment to receive the patient;
• Jean’s new healthcare plan – still under some waiting periods;
• installation/rental of new equipment for treatment support (walkers, support bars for physiotherapy);
• expenses with possible hospitalizations/events not yet covered by the new healthcare plan.

If you would like to read the detailed worksheet, please contact the Boechat family by e-mail.