How To Help?

This is the opportunity for you to go beyond good vibes and really help this family who, since November, is struggling to take care of and bring back the friend we love so much – and will continue to take care.

There are two ways to help, and one does not exclude the other:

1) Through Cash

You can make transfers to a checking account through your Internet Banking service, PayPal or PagSeguro – see bank details and shortcut buttons below.

Jean Pierre Boechat
Bank Santander
Branch 3832
Savings Account 60008568-3
CPF (Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Identification) 168.816.838-98

Any value will be very welcome. You can transfer in one go or through scheduled monthly transfers. It’s your decision, depending on your availability.

As for now there isn’t an exact deadline for his recovery, one suggestion is, for example, to schedule monthly transfers for 12 months. But this is only a suggestion.

Important: For our control, we strongly urge ALL transfers to be informed by email. It is important for accounting purposes.

2) Through Expense Items

The recovery process includes several items that can be donated directly.

If you want to know what these items are, click here.

Important: In this case, we ask you to send us an email, so we can organize the donation details.

Follow Up

The Boechat Family will take direct care of the allocation of resources and undertakes to present a monthly balance of everything, so that all donors can follow up.

In addition, we will inform everyone, as the evolution of his recovery goes dismissing all different items of the list of expenses.